Cell Line Transfection Kits

* This product is for research use only. Not intended for use in the treatment or diagnosis of disease.

BOC Sciences provides a variety of validated cell line transfection reagents for the field of life science research to meet the transfection requirements of different types of cell lines. These products can safely and effectively deliver DNA, siRNA, mRNA and other oligonucleotides in specific cells (including easy-to-transfection cells and difficult-to-transfection cells. BOC Sciences's cell transfection reagents are the best transfection tools for in vitro functional research and disease research.


  • In vitro functional studies (overexpression, biochemical identification, mutation analysis, research on the effect of gene expression on cell growth, study of gene regulatory elements and expression of specific proteins, RNA interference, gene knockout, CRISPR genome editing, etc.)
  • Disease research (disease pathology research, drug screening, target verification, etc.)


Since cell types, replication, fusion, etc. are different between different cell lines, there will be different transfection efficiencies in different cells. Some cell lines (such as HeLa, HEK293) are more efficient than other cell lines. Therefore, one transfection reagent is not suitable for all cell lines. If you want to improve transfection efficiency, you need to use different transfection reagents.

BOC Sciences adopts proprietary formulas to prepare targeted cell line transfection reagents according to different cell characteristics to help achieve efficient delivery of DNA\RNA and other substances in cells, especially in difficult-to-transfect cells.

Our cell line transfection reagents include

Cell typeTransfection reagentsHighlights
293 cellsHEK293-Transfection Reagent
  • Suitable for stable and transient transfection
  • Transfection efficiency > 85%
293T/17 Transfection Reagent
  • Specialized for 2937/17
  • Efficient small RNA, DNA delivery
293 CRISPR Transfection Reagent
  • Designed for the transfection of CRISPR/Cas9 system in 293 cells
  • Low cytotoxicity
Hela cellsHela Transfection Reagent
  • Designed for the transfection of small RNA and DNA in Hela cells
  • Transfection efficiency > 90%
Hela CRISPR Transfection Reagent
  • Designed for the transfection of CRISPR/Cas9 system in Hela cells
  • Low cytotoxicity
HepG2 cell lineHepG2 Transfection Reagent
  • Using optimized cationic lipid formulations
  • At least 90% transfection efficiency
HepG2 CRISPR Transfection Reagent
  • Designed for the transfection of CRISPR/Cas9 system in HepG2 cells
  • Low cytotoxicity
CHO cell lineCHO Transfection Reagent
  • Can effectively transfer DNA, and RNA
  • 50-60% transfection efficiency in CHO cell
Nerve cellsNeuro-Transfection Reagent
  • Suitable neuronal cells, glial cells, and certain primary neurons
  • Minimized cytotoxicity
Neuro-2a Transfection Reagent
  • Based on cationic liposomes
  • Designed for transfection in Neuro-2a cells
Primary cellsPrimary Cell Transfection Reagent
  • Suitable for primary cell types
  • Stable and transient transfection
  • Low cytotoxicity
Fibroblast Transfection Reagent
  • Lipid formulation
  • High transfection efficiency of small RNA (siRNA, shRNA, miRNA), and plasmid DNA
Astrocytes Transfection Reagent
  • Designed for transfection in astrocytes cells
  • At least 70% transfection efficiency
Insect cellsInsect Cells Transfection Reagent
  • Lipid formulation
  • High effective in insect cells
  • Compatible with various insect cell culture media


  • Designed to improve transfection efficiency and cell viability in specific cells
  • Animal-source-free and low cytotoxicity
  • Effective transfection efficiency
  • Cost-saving

We guarantee that all products we provide are free of animal-derived ingredients and undergo strict quality control.

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