In Vivo Transfection Reagent

* This product is for research use only. Not intended for use in the treatment or diagnosis of disease.

BOC Sciences provides highly efficient and reliable in vivo transfection reagents for life science research. Those products can safely and effectively deliver DNA, siRNA, mRNA, and other oligonucleotides in animal models without causing inflammation.

Application of our in vivo transfection reagents

  • In vivo functional studies (overexpression, RNA interference, gene knockout, CRISPR genome editing, etc.)
  • Cancer therapy (CRISPR/Cas9 therapy, RNAi therapy, mRNA drug, DNA drug, etc.)
  • Immunization (delivery of mRNA vaccine, DNA vaccine)

Products’ Details

In vivo transfection reagents are very powerful tools for gene function research, RNA interference (RNAi), and disease treatment research. BOC Sciences’s in vivo transfection reagents are made of proprietary formulas that can interact with nucleic acids and enter cells through endocytosis. In addition, they can protect nucleic acids from lysosome degradation and effectively release those nucleic acids from lysosomes to ensure maximum functionality.

Our in vivo transfection reagents include:

By nucleic acid type
DNA in vivo Delivery Kit
  • Liposome-based reagent
  • Designed for DNA delivery in mice, rat
mRNA in vivo Delivery Kit
  • Designed to deliver mRNA in vivo
  • Multiple organs can be targeted
siRNA in vivo Delivery Kit
  • Reagents designed for siRNA in vivo transfection
  • Low toxicity, no obvious pro-inflammatory response
Broad-spectrum in vivo transfection reagent
  • Reagents designed for DNA, siRNA, miRNA, Oligonucleotides in vivo transfection
  • Low cytotoxicity
By tissue
Tissue-specific in vivo reagents
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  • Customized products according to your specific needs
  • Guaranteed DNA/siRNA/mRNA delivery efficiency to liver, pancreas, and kidney tissues


  • All products have been functionally verified in mice and rats
  • Successful nucleic acid transfection through multiple routes of administration
  • No obvious pro-inflammatory response

Products’ Instructions

The effect of using BOC Sciences’s in vivo transfection reagent for nucleic acid transfection has been proven in in vivo experiments in mice and rats. Our products can be administered in vivo through various routes, such as

  • Intravenous injection,
  • Peritoneal injection,
  • Intratumoral injection, etc.

Note: Users need to determine the amount of DNA and the recommended injection volume based on experimental animals and handling methods, as well as targeted tissues and expression vectors.

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