RNAi Transfection Kits

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The RNAi phenomenon is a sequence-specific post-transcriptional silencing process of genes induced by double-stranded RNA homologous to the sequence of the target gene, which is widely present in living organisms. Find RNAi transfection Kits with low toxicity at BOC Sciences!

Introduction of RNAi

RNA interference (RNAi) refers to a degraded phenomenon that is highly conserved during evolution, induced by double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) and homologous mRNA efficiently and specifically. Since the expression of target genes can be specifically knocked out or turned off using RNAi technology, RNAi technology has become a powerful tool for studying gene function.

Four major factors affect the success of RNAi experiments:

  • dsRNA corresponding to the target gene (siRNA, long dsRNA, shRNA vector)
  • Appropriate transfection reagent or transfection method
  • Rigorous control group (blank control, transfection reagent control, negative control, Positive control)
  • A method to detect the expression of the target gene

RNAi Transfection Kits refer to reagents or methods that can efficiently deliver dsRNA into specific cells. Therefore, the choice of transfection reagent is crucial for RNAi experiments.

RNAi Transfection Kits

ProductsCell TypesApplication
siRNA/DNA Transfection ReagentMammalian cells
  • Delivery siRNA for gene knockout research
  • Delivery DNA for gene expression research
siRNA Transfection ReagentGene knockdown
RNAi Transfection ReagentFor in vitro transfection of siRNA and miRNA


  • Repeatable results        
  • Low cytotoxicity
  • High knockdown efficiency-optimal gene silencing in most cells to ensure successful experiments
  • High reproducibility -helps to achieve consistent target gene silencing

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