Protein Transfection Kits

* This product is for research use only. Not intended for use in the treatment or diagnosis of disease.

Protein Transfection Kits

BOC Sciences uses a unique lipid formulation to develop the best in vitro protein delivery solution, thereby providing an effective method for directly transporting proteins, peptides, antibodies, and other biologically active molecules into living cells. All of the protein transfection reagent products we provided have a wide range of cell specificities and undergo strict quality control to ensure minimal toxicity.

BOC Sciences's protein transfection reagents can quickly capture the proteins and bind to them via non-covalent binding, thereby forming complexes and entering the cells through endocytosis. These complexes can prevent the degradation of endosomal proteases and ensure the intact structure and function of the proteins.


  • In vitro functional studies (overexpressing, protein function in cells)
  • Disease research
  • Providing proteins with biologically activity or inhibitory properties
  • Screen peptide library
  • Subcellular localization and turnover research
  • Transient complementation that suppresses gene expression
  • Gene editing - Cas9 protein delivery

The molecules that have been successfully delivered with our protein transfection reagents include, but are not limited to:

  • Caspase 3
  • Caspase 8 and Granzyme B
  • Fluorescent antibody
  • Green fluorescent protein (GFP)
  • β-galactosidase
  • High and low molecular weight dextran sulfate
  • Phycoerythrin-BSA


  • Can be used for the cytoplasm of various adherent and suspended cells
  • Save work time-no need to isolate, clone and transfect gene sequences
  • Facilitate functional research of living cells-no fixation required
  • Fast protein delivery-best delivery results can be achieved within three to four hours after incubation
  • Does not affect the structure and function of the protein-the delivery complex is formed through non-covalent interactions, and the biological activity of the protein and peptide is retained after delivery
  • Versatility-can be used with proteins, peptides, and fluorescently labeled antibodies
  • Low cytotoxicity and animal-origin-free

We guarantee that all products we provide are free of animal-derived ingredients and undergo strict quality control. If you want to know more, please feel free to contact us.

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