DNA Transfection Kits

* This product is for research use only. Not intended for use in the treatment or diagnosis of disease.

DNA transfection type

In DNA transfection, the DNA transferred into the cell can be expressed on an extrachromosomal plasmid (called transient transfection) or integrated into the cell genome (called stable transfection). Due to the multiple copies of the gene cassette, transient transfection is conducive to high-level expression and rapid analysis (within 24 to 96 hours). Stable transfection is beneficial for the long-term study of gene expression in the cellular environment.

BOC Sciences provides a variety of validated DNA transfection reagents for the life science research to adapt to different types of DNA samples. Our products can safely and effectively deliver plasmid DNA and virus DNA into mammalian cells, so that you can get more reliable results in your studies.

Applications of our DNA transfection kits

  • In bacterial transformation, DNA transfection kits usually used for gene overexpression to produce a large amount of protein that can be purified and studied.
  • In eukaryotic cells, DNA transfection kits are often used to study the role of gene expression in the cellular environment.
    • In vitro functional studies
    • Disease Research

Transfection reagent selection guide

Sample TypeCell TypeTransfection efficiency
DOTAP-Lipo Transfection ReagentDNA, plasmid DNAmammalian cells and insect cellsHigh
Broad Spectrum DNA Transfection ReagentDNA, plasmid DNA, virusMany mammalian cell types (including primary cells)High
Plasmid DNA Transfection ReagentPlasmidAdherent & suspension cellsGood
Oligo Transfection ReagentDNA, oligos (sDNA, sRNA, 2'OMe RNA, etc.)Variety of cell typesHigh
BS-Plasmid DNA Transfection ReagentPlasmid DNA, virusMammalian cells, including primary cells, Stem cells.Super high
Lentiviral Transfection ReagentVirus, especially lentiviralVariety of cell typesHigh
Polybrene-Based Virus Delivery ReagentVirusVariety of cell typesHigh
Virus DNA Transfection ReagentAdeno-associated virus and lentivirusVariety of cell typesGood
Calcium Phosphate Transfection Reagent DNA, PlasmidAdherent and nonadherent cell linesHigh
PEI Transfection ReagentPlasmid DNATumor Cell Lines (Adherent and nonadherent cell lines)High


  • Suitable for stable and transient transfection
  • Minimal cytotoxicity
  • No serum inhibition: no need to change the medium during transfection
  • Compared with ordinary reagents, the transfection efficiency is greatly improved in many cases
  • Simple to use: just mix with DNA and vortex
  • Highly repeatable results
  • Compatible with a variety of mammalian expression media and cell systems

We guarantee that all products we provide are free of animal-derived ingredients and undergoes strict quality control. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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