Calcium Phosphate Transfection Reagent (BT-000006)

* This product is for research use only. Not intended for use in the treatment or diagnosis of disease.

Product Information
Catalog NumberBT-000006
  • Transient or stable transfection of mammalian cells
  • Packaging lentivirus, adenovirus, and retrovirus by transfecting HEK 293 cells
Shelf LifeIf stored properly, all components are stable for 6 months.
Cell TypesAdherent and nonadherent cell lines.
  • High transfection efficiency in many types of mammalian cells
  • Optimized pH and salt concentration to achieve highly consistent transfection efficiency
ContentsSterile water for tissue culture
2X HEPES buffered saline (HBS)
2 M CaCl2
IdentificationWithout nuclease contamination and microbial contamination.
ShippingRT or on wet ice.
Transfection Sample TypeDNA, Plasmid
Use LimitationsFor research use only.
DescriptionCalcium phosphate transfection kit provides a high-quality DNA transfection solution to introduce DNA into eukaryotic cells through calcium phosphate co-precipitation.
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