Neuro-2a Transfection Reagent (BT-000021)

* This product is for research use only. Not intended for use in the treatment or diagnosis of disease.

Product Information
Catalog Number BT-000021
  • Oncogenesis.
  • Transcriptional regulation.
  • Protein localization.
  • Signaling pathway research.
  • Apoptosis.
  • Epigenetics.
Shelf Life If stored properly, all components are stable for 6 months.
Storage Store at 4°C.
Shipping RT.
Details The Neuro-2a cell line is established by the brain tissue of albino house mice with neuroblastoma, and it is a reliable transfection host due to its neuron and amoeba morphology. BOC Sciences's Neuro-2a Transfection Reagent is an optimized reagent based on cationic liposomes, which is specially used for transfection of Neuro-2a cell line, which can deliver satisfactory results.
Cell Types Neuroblastoma cells.
Transfection Efficiency At least 70% transfection efficiency.
Form Liquid.
  • Low cytotoxicity.
    • High-efficient delivery.
    • Repeatable results.
    • Easy to use.
Identification Without nuclease contamination and microbial contamination.
Use Limitations For research use only.
Description Reagents designed for efficient delivery of DNA and RNA into neuroblastoma cells.

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